Procedures & Guidelines

Things to know about Middle School:

  • Our goal for 6th graders is to help them become responsible and independent learners.  
  • Communication will all people, including peers, teachers, staff, parents, and all others should be respectful.
  • Being an organized and responsible learner is essential to success.
  • Planners are to be filled out every day for every class period. Lockers should stay organized so they are easy to use.
  • Design Thinking is offered on Friday afternoons and is a ton of fun.

What to do if your scholar is absent or plans to be absent:

Scholars have two days for every day they are absent, to make up work.
 Scholars are responsible for meeting with their teacher  after school to discuss make up work. 

1. If your scholar is absent or plans to be absent,  here are a few things they can do to minimize the amount of time they will need to meet with their teachers after school.

2. Check the My week at a Glance for assignments they missed in 6th Grade. Check the Assignment Calendar on the 7/8 Grade webpage for assignments missed at that level.  

3. Students may be directed  to the Schoology website  to find videos or assignments they have missed.  (Copyright Law may prohibit us from linking assignment to digital  pages.) 

4. Scholars should visit the “Absent” folders located in the classrooms.  

5. Scholars are welcome to ask other classmates to explain an assignment they have missed.

6. Scholars are encouraged to email their teachers with any questions they have about assignments they have missed. However scholars  will still need to meet with a teacher after school. 

Grades and late work

  • Scholars should be checking their grades weekly, they are responsible for talking to teachers if they have questions or need more information. 
  • INFINITE CAMPUS is where you will ALWAYS go to look for current grades and missing assignments.

  • Homework is due at the beginning of the class period.
  • Scholars who have not completed the expected classwork are required to complete it as homework, and the late policy applies 
  • Late homework assignments will still be accepted late for 10% off every day the assignment is late, up to 5 days. After 5 days scholars will receive a zero.  
  • Scholars are responsible for emailing teachers when they have turned in a late assignment, and asking teacher to review and record their missing assignment. 

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